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August 18th, 2017
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90 Bids gets more than 90 entries for Mothers Day

News bite by: Tanvi Khanna Mehta, 27-May-2014 Get set to welcome this new model of play- to-bid auction site for air travel and other travel services. features auctions everyday which patrons can bid for to get deals for all their holidays and travel has an easy to use interface and an effortless bidding procedure. Customers just have to sign up as members, demand for tokens credited to their account and get going with bidding for ongoing auctions. Once the...

Vibaantta Directs Social Networks

An amazing colossus, Team Vibaantta expertise spearheaded the social media drive for The website has made an amazing beginning with thousands of visitors already. Team’s versatility establishes organizations through planning and strategy expertise, designing websites and their development. Marketing and brand building is his forte with astonishing company promotions in various media shapes to raise fortunes to the skies. The digital marketing agency Vibaantta Group delivers...