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September 26th, 2017
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New Delhi, India
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We operate PAN India, while our overseas client feel comfortable over tech tools. You can write to us or give us a call. Happy to be your friend


Writers Terms & Conditions: Can you play with words? Do you feel your magical words can create an alternative world? If you are good with words, while being creative and imaginative at the same time (which is an icing on the cake), why are you still reading? Your talent is our need. You can be a student, a fresher, a homemaker or a retired person wanting to work part-time or full-time. Write to us at along with your writing samples and resumes. After going through your work, our team will get back to you. If your magic works for us, you will be a part of our team.

Quality: We are reputed for our work due to the quality content that our team strives to provide. The goal is always to strive for the best and that is achievable when each of our writers maintains a standard to produce qualitative content. Thus, it becomes essential to work individual goals perfectly in order to attain team goals. In case of deteriorating quality of content, writers will be warned. Despite that, if the desired changes are not met, we will have to stop giving assignments to the writer.
Plagiarism: Working with us is a possibility only if you can produce 100% original content without copying from any of the sources on the internet or elsewhere. Hence, before submitting the content check your work for plagiarism.

Deadlines: Punctuality is the marker of one’s seriousness towards work. Deadlines will never be an issue if you are dedicated and committed to your goals. Every project that is given to our writers has a deadline and it is expected from them to submit the work before the deadline. In case of any inconvenience, like power cuts or bad internet connection, inform us well before the deadline rather than waiting for deadline to be over.

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