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September 26th, 2017
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The Secret To Winning In The Content Creation Arms Race

Ensuring what you write is correct

Everyone can write. In this day and age when everyone can potentially be their own publisher, there is an immense lot of poorly written content out there on the web. Not only does it create a poor impression of the person writing/ using the content, it also makes a very bad commercial sense, since the visitors to poorly written sites seldom visit back. Although there is no substitute to experience and extensive practice, when it comes to improving one’s writing, there certainly are a few pointers that can be helpful in cross checking one’s level of expertise in writing content.

1-     Ensure Factual Accuracy: One of the biggest disservices you can do to your writing credibility is to write facts that have not been cross checked for authenticity. With online cross checking mediums becoming more and more efficient, it must be realized that any content that is proven to be factually incorrect can totally and quickly tarnish the writing reputation of the writer, often irreversibly.

2-     Use a comprehensive spell checker: An online spell check tool is essential for checking the minor spelling mistakes, punctuations and typographical errors, sometimes correcting those automatically as you go. Although these spell checks are rather efficient in what they do, but they can’t be completely relied upon since many times the author would deliberately try to use words that might be contextually different than what the spell check presumes it to be.

3-     Read: One of the best ways to improve your writing is to read. Reading is one of the easiest and most effective ways to build on the vocabulary, grammar and writing styles. Reading good content, whether online or in print is an ongoing training that one must invest into.

4-     Have it read by someone else: To have your work read out, preferably aloud by a colleague or friend is one of the best ways to find out whether it is sounding the way you intended it to. Written communication, in the absence of body language can be understood differently by different people , By having someone read it out to you, it will be easy to find out the flaws and the faults and correct them before publishing/sending.

5-     Pay Importance to Proofreading : By carefully, and if possible repeatedly proofreading the content, at least in the initial stages of your journey or for content with heavy use of data can help eliminate a lot of errors in grammar, spelling and vocabulary. Proof reading as a part of content creation is generally not given the attention and time that it deserves and that leads to a lot of errors in writing.