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November 24th, 2017
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Frenzied Mob: 90 bids Flash Mob at Hauz Khaz organised a flash mob at Hauz Khas village, New Delhi on 7th June, 2014 on Saturday. The idea behind this flash mob was to create a buzz among people about This website is a play-to-deal site. Their deals operate in an easy and transparent way.  The venue partner for the event was – Restaurant imperfecto and the Product crew/performance team was – The Education tree.  The organizers and social media partners were – Vibaantta Group. The timing for this captivating event was from 6pm and 8pm. The people thronged in huge numbers to witness the event and the event was meticulously carried out. The dance performance was well choreographed.  Such was the craze for the event that the traffic outside Hauz Khas halted for full 20 minutes.  It was getting difficult for the security personnel to manage the crowd as everyone was busy dancing to the tunes of the ones performing the flash mob. The entire area look stunned as an unprecedented event had taken place.

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Such flash mobs create the most important word of mouth that acts as a great mode of publicity., as mentioned above, plans to conduct more such flash mobs in various parts of the country and intends to create a similar impact everywhere.  The present flash mob took Delhi by storm and there could not have been a better place to conduct a flash mob than a lively and happening place like Hauz khas in New Delhi.  A flash mob is mainly more important because it immediately connects with the youth and youth, as we know, are the biggest drivers of any product or promotion. Of late, more and more companies are targeting the younger sections of the society.

Thus on an overall basis, the flash mob was a huge success and this will gave a huge impetus to go further with these types of promotional activities. Watch the video on Youtube – Click here to view