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November 24th, 2017
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Hiring an in house content writer vs freelance writer

There is a huge debate about in house and freelance content writers. Companies and marketers are on a constant look out for quality content from efficient writers. There are many basic qualities that content writer should imbibe like decent writing skills, SEO content writing and copywriting knowledge and some general awareness about current issues. But there are many other factors that should be looked into by various CFOs and marketers. Hiring an in house writer or freelance writer seems to be the talk amongst companies these days. Read below to find out the correct way to deal with this issue.

Hiring an in house content writer
Most of the marketers have their full time content writers just a few steps away from their cabin. It is much easier to communicate and work with them. In house content writers are definitely trustworthy. The basic thing you must consider while hiring an in house writer is the quality of their writing, of course. Any piece by a content writer should be elaborate, easily understood and well framed. The only problem that occurs while hiring is the cost. Of course in house writers demand a much greater salary than freelancers. One should only hire an in house content writer if they can afford them.

Hiring a freelance writer
The biggest issue companies face while they hire a freelance writer is the reliability of the writer. Everything else becomes secondary. It is definitely hard to find trustworthy freelancers but it is not impossible. There are freelancers that companies can rely on. They are the way to go when you cannot afford to invest a lot into content writing or the requirements are minimal. While it may be difficult to communicate with freelancers without having to talk face to face, it isn’t too hard to find seasoned writers or content writer recommended by a person you know.
Finally, it comes down to the quality of writing. A freelance writer may be better than an in house writer and vice-versa. Both have their own pros and cons. It depends on the capability of the individual and of course, their writing skills.