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August 18th, 2017
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How does unique content make Google love your Website

The objective of Google is to offer a better experience to users. It is a service based business and providing content and information is central to it. When the Content writer writes fresh and unique content, the visitors keep coming back to it to meet their new requirements. Based on their experience, such users even recommend Google to others. Hence, the user base of the search engine expands. Original content offers users precise data rather than old news that is already read in a new format. Users are upset with it and get discourage to return to the search engine. Unique content even helps Google to tailor the required information by the users. With this, the users come across more relevant results when they search along with informative ads.

Content does not mean just words

On the other hand, Google does not like content that is replete with unnecessary keywords. Such content is not written to entice the users but just to climb the search engine rankings. The users find it annoying. The entire objective of Google fails at this point. Good content does not just need to be words. It could be in any form, right from video clips, graphics, eBooks, or even images. Content writer in Delhi can include everything that fits the objective of engaging the users and meeting their needs. Further, the language of the content should be structured. Just using the synonyms to make the content fresh does not count here.

Appealing enough to share on sites

In this age of social media and networking, it is unique content that gets shared maximum number of times. Users do not want to associate themselves with old and boring content that has lost its value over time. Further, the content needs to be relevant with the objective of the site. Or else, the visitors will be disappointed with the content and will make sure that they do not return to the site. The Content developer should complement the product or service that the site is offering. It should further the efforts of the sales team. Since the very start, Google has given importance to content that is fresh and unique for ranking a page. This is central to the very existence of Google.

Relevance and freshness matters

The value of the content reduces in the eyes of Google with time. The search engine has always given first preference to unique Content writing service. People make use of the internet for searching information. And hence, Google desires to offer unique information to the users to remain the most favored search engine. Unique content allows people to link to the website. This not only benefits the users but also Google. Hence, experts always suggest avoiding duplicate content at all costs. It does not only harm the number of visitors on the site but also results in losing the ranking on a search engine like Google.

All those who want Google to love their website should make sure that their website content writing is not only unique but also fresh, original and relevant. Content is the king, they say and it holds absolutely true in case of Google.