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November 24th, 2017
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Website Content Writing, Writing an SEO friendly Article

SEO and Search engines

Article writing is a form of content writing service. It includes a series of elements, features and skills that are mandatorily required. In order to publish an SEO friendly article, it is essential to gain an approval of search engines. Search Engines namely Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc… follow a strategic procedure for ranking the articles which is better known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With the help of SEO, the articles and websites appear in the order of high to low rankings. It includes visibility, accessibility, design, information and unique content, which can attract maximum web surfers as well as search engines.

SEO Friendly articles

These articles play an important role in increasing business growth and lead generation, in terms of content marketing. They definitely contribute to the escalation of revenue and business optimization. A good quality article can trigger higher ranks on search engines. Hence this is the reason behind company’s content marketing policy. Companies look for excellent content writers who can provide high class and unique content writing service to build their website.

How to write a SEO friendly article?

Understand the topic:

The first essential thing which needs to be analyzed is the topic on which the write up has to be drafted. It should be thoroughly researched and well-comprehended before writing it up. Readers expect the article to cover all the pertinent information on the subject. Moreover, they even read the articles to get a novel, knowledgeable and useful information additionally.

Catchy and engaging headers

An interactive or engaging title surely attracts the browser to visit the web page and read more about it. This is the highlight of any SEO article which reflects the information in an interesting manner. It is very essential for a content writer to create a write up in precise, with relevant keywords and unique format to gain astonishing results.

Unique content:

Search Engines consider and accepts only original, creative and engaging content. By submitting a copied content, any plagiarism checker can destroy the image and reputation of webpage as well as search engine. It is an underlining point for a content writer that should be kept in mind for avoiding spammed marking by search engines.

Article portrayal:

The article must describe the topic adequately and in such a way that it invites readers. It means that it should contain relevant keywords included in an appropriate manner. Content writers should avoid the usage of personal or company information and any special characters.

Article specifics:

It is preferable to stick to 500-600 words while writing the article. Shorter articles hold the interest of readers whereas longer content article compel them to switch to next web page. Language should be simple yet interesting with short examples or images, if necessary and suitable. Content writer in Delhi and Urban cities understand this skill quite well and are appreciated for website content writing. Adding sub-heading to the articles surely make it engaging and interesting.

Relevant videos or images:

If required and necessary, images or videos can be added to the article to make it further comprehensible. Even layman can figure out the solution to its quest.

Proofreading and plagiarism check:

Finally, content writers should give a thorough check-up on grammar and spelling before submitting their articles. Also, attach the plagiarism report to certify the originality of the content.

A Content developer looks forward to publish unique SEO friendly articles for building such user-friendly web pages which can gain both traffic as well as ranking.